The Picture Post Newspaper – The World of Music: Manion Expands Her Horizons

December 2nd, 2010

The following article is being reproduced with permission from the Waupaca, WI Picture Post.

Susan Manion has been coming to Camp Cleghorn since she was a child and loves everything about the Chain O’Lakes. She is now an aspiring singer and a business owner. Last summer Manion updated us on her musical journey and she is here to do the same thing again this summer.

Over the last year, Manion has been on a billboard in the heart of Nashville, Tenn., appeared in “Nashville Music Guide and critics even compared her to Taylor Swift in Power Source magazine. Her music went over well at Fan Fair. “I had people from different states actually coming to see me,” she said.

Billie Joe, program coordinator of Nashville Broadcasting Network, was going through some music when she came across “All You Waned” and began playing it. While she was doing so the best song plugger in town came in. He was quite impressed with Susan’s music and made several favorable comments about it. Charlie is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable promoters in Nashville. The State of Tennessee House of Representatives issued an official proclamation honoring his many contributions to the entertainment industry.

Manion said Charlie does radio promotion and is highly successful as a song plugger. He promoted the largest selling album of all time, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. He placed “Achey Breaky Heart” with Billy Ray’s manager, Jack Mcfadden.

Billie Joe said that based on Charlie’s high favorable comments about her music, he would be willing to work with her. He can get her songs reviewed by major label stars and their management team.

Susan will be attending the ICM Awards this year. This is a week long event that demands a lot of preparation. Manion sang their last year and closed the pre-show. That was a big honor Manion said. The Inspirational Country Music Awards is televised world wide.

I made to the top 20 on the Southern Gospel charts for “There is Peace” and the top 15 on the Christian Country “All You Wanted.” “All You Wanted” was just released to Country Music Radio and is at number 51 on that chart.

In the near future Manion will be featured on World Idol, a spin off of American Idol, which will be held in Nashville.

Susan also owns a business in Orland Park, IL, which is doing well. To find out more information go to

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