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Susan Manion update August 31, 2021

Susan will be appearing in the movie “Unbreakable: The Nathan Ralph Stanley Story” expecte to be released December 25, 2021. Written by Johnny Reeves (screenplay) and Nathan Stanley. Directed by Johnny Reeves. For more information on the filn, go to

Susan Manion Updates as of July 5, 2021

Susan will be in a movie of Dr.Ralph Stanley’s life that will be televised nationwide. Dr. Ralph Stanley is a Grammy Award winner and has won numerous awards. He is one of the first pioneers of blue grass music. I also will be on the soundtrack singing White Dove with Dr Ralph Stanley’s grandson. It is an honor to work with Dr Ralph Stanley’s grandson Nathan. I also will be a presenter on The International Country Gospel Music Awards which will be televised this fall…In the future I will be singing and hosting on Texas Country Gospel TV…. I was just on WEKT in Kentucky for an interview. Videos and interview all going up soon….

Susan Manion recent interview on WEKT in Kentucky

Susan Manion Photographs

Performance Experience

Vocalist: Pop, Gospel, Opera and Blues.

Susan started singing at a very young age. She began in grammar school, church, talent shows, memorial services and weddings. Susan made her first CD with the band members of Hoodie and The Blowfish and the Blues Traveler. She made it to the top ten Southern Gospel and top 15 Christian Country Gospel charts nationwide with her songs “There Is Peace and “All You Wanted”.

Inspirational Country Music Awards:

She has been on the Inspirational Country Music Awards Show six times and presented Ricky Skaggs with the award for Musician of The Year.  She also presented with “The Voice” star Holly Tucker on NBC TV. The Inspirational Country Music Awards Show is televised nationwide. She has been on The International Country Gospel Music Awards Show five times. It is also televised.

TV and Radio:

TCT Network’s  asked Susan to be on TV show “Rejoice” for an interview and to sing. TCT Network invited her back to do a Christmas special. World Idle, similar to American Idol asked Susan to be on the show. The Treva and Kevin TV show, A Heart Conncetion TV show, Nashville Radio Broadcasting, Tall Timber Radio Medicine Show, WEKT Radio show and the Treva Radio show had Susan on to be interviewed.

The Grand Ole Opry:

The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tn.  asked Susan to participate on a special tribute to Dr. Ralph Stanley. To sing with Nathan Stanley, Dr. Ralph Stanley’s grandson was an honor. She was in the studio with John Berry, Grammy Award nominee.

Looking forward:

She is with moonstar management… and has been with DeSante Talents and  Frain High Fashion top models. Susan hopes to make another CD with band members of Hoodie and The Blowfish and the Blues Traveler. She will be on The Texas Country Gospel TV Show, a cooking show and will sing on a TV station in Dallas all while being in Texas. I also hope to be on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tn. once again.

Business Experience

I own two businesses: an investing company and janitorial company. I’ve been in business twelve years and both are doing great. I have managers to watch over my accounts allowing me time to travel so I can pursue my music career. I am a driven person in all I do.


I am college educated and majored in psychology. I studied music under Sandra Jozef for two years. I was a swimming teacher, lifeguard and also taught handicapped children how to swim. I like to write, act, dance, run, lift weights, swim, bike, hike, play basketball and roller blade. I have the gift of gab and have counseled people from A to Z..

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